It is great to be able to serve a homemade cake on a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding either to your family or customers if you are in business. You can easily find the perfect recipe from a friend or online. At the same time, cake baking is not a simple task. You have to follow the instructions provided in the recipe precisely. You have to ensure that you will avoid the following commonly made mistakes as well.


Using Cold Ingredients

This is one of the biggest cake baking mistakes people make. If the ingredients are cold, this can result in lumps and other issues with the texture of the batter. You would certainly not want your creation to be ruined by such a silly mistake. All ingredients have to have room temperature when they are added together for the making of the batter. For this, you need to take out the ones which are stored in the fridge such as eggs, milk and butter around one and a half hours before you start baking.


Not Using Fresh Ingredients

This is probably the most common mistake that people make. They’ll buy a huge bag of flour and use it for a year, or dig an old jar of yeast out of the cupboard and then wonder why nothing will rise and why everything is heavy and chewy instead of light and fluffy. Dry ingredients do get old and stale and they simply do not perform well. Flour, baking soda, baking powder and yeast in particular, need to be fresh for any type of baked goods to turn out well.


Not Following The Recipe Step by Step

If the recipe says two cups, it really means two cups – not two heaping cups or two big handfuls! Measure your dry goods in proper measuring cups and spoons and your liquid in liquid measures. Don’t pack your flour down into the cup, simply scoop it into the cup and level it off with the back of a knife. Leaving out ingredients is a big no-no too. There are certain key components to any pastry or baked goods and they all need to be there in order for them to turn out. While you may decide to skip the walnuts in the brownie recipe because you hate nuts, you definitely can’t skip the eggs because you’re all out of them! Brownies without eggs will become flat chocolate bricks!


Not Allowing The Cake To Cool

First of all, you have to resist the temptation to take your finished product out of the pan or off of the baking sheet until they cool. If it is still warm it will lead to half of it sticking to the pan and the other half coming off. Allow sufficient time for your dessert to cool so that the whole dessert picks up cleanly and easily. A second reason why you might fall victim to this mistake is that the pan that it was baked in was not a non-stick pan or was not lined with oil, flour, or butter. This simple step in the beginning of your baking process is necessary to ensure a successful final product, so always remember to follow through with it.


Adding Frosting to a Warm Cake

If you make this mistake, the frosting will simply melt and lose its original texture and look. The cooling to room temperature typically takes about one to two hours. You have to provide for this time when you start with the preparation of the recipe. You can speed up the process by leaving the pan on a cool counter-top. You must not place it in the fridge while it is still warm.


Using The Wrong Oven Temperature


When you take your cake out of the oven, if it is well cooked on the outside and under-cooked in the center, then it is likely that you used the wrong oven temperature. Before you place your dessert in the oven, be sure that you are setting the oven temperature to the appropriate setting. If your oven is set to 450° instead of 350° you have created too much heat for your cake. Putting your cake back in the oven will only lead to a burned cake, so the solution to this problem is to double check your temperature settings.


Not Understanding Your Oven

Every oven is slightly different. Some heat un-evenly, some are a little hotter or colder than others. Get used to how your oven works and adjust baking times and temperatures accordingly. If for instance your oven is a lot hotter at the back, turn your pan around halfway through the baking.


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