Cake pops are emerging in popularity.Cake pop paired with a hot cup of espresso is all you need for the perfect evening. For a perfect cup of espresso get an espresso machine from ekuep. A lot of people now want to know how to make cake pops of their own. Baking them does involve a lot of steps, but knowing how to make cake pops can really help people present something unique at a bake sale and at a lot of other similar occasions. Fortunately, baking them is not actually difficult so much as time-consuming, so it is still something that people are going to be able to repeat often enough. This is something that people can do in between something else as well, since baking cake pops is going to involve a lot of waiting in between the different parts of the process.


Making cake pops takes time. People are often going to need a couple of hours in order to successfully roll them and put them together in most cases. Even baking the initial cake is going to take some time. Usually, people are better off trying to set aside around an afternoon or so to make cake pops, depending on the number of cake pops they are interested in making. These are versatile creations that will let people make lots of great stuff.


How to Make Cake Pops


  1. Start by baking a cake of your choice. People will need a cake mix box that contains around 18.25 ounces in order to get enough cake for the recipe. Finish baking the cake and let it cool completely. Baking the cake the night before everything starts and letting the cake cool overnight can be a good strategy for the people who are trying to use shortcuts and who want to be able to save some time with their baking.


  1. Crumble the cake into a large mixing bowl and add seventy-five percent of a container of frosting into the bowl. Make sure that everything has been thoroughly combined, but also make sure that the cake balls are not overly moist. If they are, scraping some of the frosting out of them could help, and having some spare cake on hand can help the people who are trying to plan ahead for potential problems. Some people might choose to mix in more sugary ingredients in order to make the cake pops taste a certain way at this stage.


  1. Roll the mixture into a number of different cake balls. Then set them all on a baking sheet and let everything stand for around twenty minutes. This allows the cake pops to dry enough that they are going to fall into a particular shape and a particular pattern.


  1. The next goal should be to make the balls firm but not completely rock-hard. This can be accomplished by putting them in the freezer for around fifteen minutes or so or putting them in the refrigerator for around two hours or so.


  1. Take forty-eight ounces of candy coating and melt it all in the microwave. The candy coating should not be so hot that it is bubbling, but it should be warm enough that it is going to be easy to spread onto the cake pops. The candy coating needs to be appropriately melted on the same day as the cake pops are made, however, or the consistency and texture will not be right for the people who are trying to prepare the cake pops adequately.


  1. Take a number of different lollipop sticks and insert them into the center of the emerging cake pops in order to get them ready. The cake pops will need to be firm enough in order to make this possible in the first place. Otherwise, they might need to be chilled some more.


  1. Coat all of the different cake pops with the melted candy coating. Try to get the distribution right in order to make sure that all of them are going to have the right flavor. If the coating doesn’t spread well enough, it might have to be melted more first. Some people might choose to add sprinkles or some other dusting of candy in order to give the cake pops an additional color, texture, or flavor that they can use.


  1. Allow all of the cake pops to cool on a surface that is going to accommodate them well enough, such as a Styrofoam surface.

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